This is: Nile van Leeuwen – Content specialist

Our team consists of about 40 employees, so there's always something to tell. In the section 'This is' we interview a colleague about his or her work, but also about dreams, trends and what we have just wanted to know about it. This is Nile van Leeuwen!

Hi Nile! Who are you and what are you doing at Buro N11? Hi! I'm Nile van Leeuwen, I'm the father of Finley and 35 years old. For eight years I have been employed by Buro N11, as an automotive expert and content specialist. Every day I am active in the production of press releases, news reports, blogs, reports and other content for all kinds of different clients. I also work a lot for our own website

What do you like about it? I'm a big car enthusiast. Writing about cars and testing the latest models is the best job you can have as a 'car nerd'. That's not the only fun thing at work at Buro N11: not one day is the same. One day you are engaged in a complicated translation, the next day you are in southern Europe for the introduction of a new car.

What are you most proud of? The huge growth of in recent years and that I am recognized as an expert in the field of car, even by national radio. I am also proud of the close bond we have with some clients and that customers trust us blindly. But maybe I'm still most proud that sometimes people are jealous of my job!

How do you keep up to date with what's going on in your field? By reading, looking up and figuring out a lot. Also following many authorities in the field ensures that I stay well informed.

What's the last book you've read? I read a lot about my field of expertise but I haven't read a book for a long time. Pretty crazy actually for someone who writes texts every day, huh?

About the photo: why the guitar? Playing guitar is my favorite hobby. I've been playing in a band for a very long time, at home but also for years.

What three things are you happy about? I'm happy with good music, nice cars and Feyenoord in good. The latter may be a bit more common …

What are you listening to in the car? That depends on which car I drive and what mood I am in. I'm addicted to music anyway, but i'm my own playlist. From rap and rock to techno, and everything in between: I'm not in a box to place. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer new songs that I like, so I don't listen to any commercial radio stations. I do notice that I listen to talk shows like Radio 1 and BNR more and more often.

What's your biggest dream? Financial independence.

What question would you ask which colleague? Hey, Denise, what are you doing at Buro N11?