This is: Lisanne van Velzen – Email & CRM specialist

Our team consists of about 40 employees, so there's always something to tell. In the section 'This is' we interview a colleague about his or her work, but also about dreams, trends and what we have just wanted to know about it. This is Lisanne van Velzen!

Hi Lisanne! Who are you and what are you doing at Buro N11? I'm Lisanne van Velzen, 27 years old and I live in Haastrecht. Since March 2017 I have been working at Buro N11. My daily activities are very different: so I keep myself busy making up, sending and posting press releases and i publish articles on various websites. As a result, I work with many different content management systems. I also take care of Photoshop jobs or minor adjustments to brochures, I am from all markets at home! Finally, I am involved in the planning of my colleagues. Projects come in to me through the project managers, I then plan them in with the right person and also make sure that the planning is complied with.

What do you like about it? Especially the different work I like! Not a day is the same. And the atmosphere is also good, everyone is always in for a joke.

What are you most proud of? To everything I've learned so far. Yimb is also something I am proud of, especially as it responds to a growing development/trend.

How do you keep up to date with what's going on in your field? Right now I'm training Webdesign and Graphic Design. Because this is a recent study, I learn a lot of new things.

What's the last book you've read? Part three of Game of Thrones. In English!

What trends do you see for 2019? General newsletters are less and less common. The content of newsletters is increasingly focused on the recipient, and I expect this trend to develop further in 2019. Personally making and segmenting emails will increasingly be used. It becomes very important to personally excite the recipient through personalized content. So know who your target group is!
The use of influencers is also becoming increasingly important. Buro N11, together with Hein van Dam, has built the influencer tool Yimb, which allows us to respond directly to this development.

About the picture: what's on your head? A tennis ball. Besides work, I am very active in playing tennis. I play tennis about three times a week and on Friday night I play competition. Especially the drink after the game is very good for me! In addition, I deal with the social media of the association and i am on the padel committee.

What three things are you happy about? – Cheese fondue

  • Arranging my own wedding
  • Games nights with friends

What are you listening to in the car? That is very different; I don't have one kind of music I always listen to. One time I listen to 90's R&B, the other time Queen or just a little more towards latin, dancehall and reggae. Where that comes from? I have been doing an internship on Curaçao for six months and Sinsdien I always like to listen to that every now and then.

What's your biggest dream? Marry, a dream that's about to come true! A house of sale would also be beautiful and of course I want children at some point. A nice trip also seems to me something, to Canada or America for example.

What question would you ask which colleague? Ilse (de Vogel), have you booked your hours yet?