These creative 404's really need to see

It's a thorn in the eye: a web page that doesn't (anymore) exist and therefore gives an error – the infamous 404 . A number of brands get this smart and make something creative from their 404 page. In fact, this approach can lead to more conversion. We show our 10 favorites here.

  1. Lego
  1. Airbnb
  1. E-harmony
  1. Magnt, New New 9
  1. Hema
  1. Rethinking
  1. Tony's Chocolonely
  1. Increase (199

A 404 page isn't really something you want the visitor to see it, and it's also bad for your Google rating. 404 pages are often caused by an incorrect way of website management. Here you can read all about good SEO and 404 pages.

Besides, our own 404 page is also quite fun, although we say it ourselves: