Sustainable Content: what exactly is that?

Help your audience and yourself with sustainable content

Sustainable is pretty much the most widely used word of recent years. But what exactly does sustainable mean? Society Our Language comes to the aid: 'taking into account the fact that energy sources, food, raw materials etc. are not infinitely available." Literally it means ' suitable to last', 'little perishable', 'long accommodating' or 'long lasting'.

Help your audience and yourself with sustainable content

What is sustainable content?

And that literal meaning is precisely the approach to the term sustainable content. Content – textual, visual or auditory – that is permanently relevant and increases in (SEO) value rather than decreases. This sustainable content is often forgotten by companies and organizations in the delusion of the day, whereas it is precisely the content that gives the best answers to questions that the target group has.

The definition of sustainable content:

"Textual, visual or auditory content that is permanently relevant, increases in (SEO) value rather than drops and gives the best answers to questions that live with the target group"

Why sustainable content?

The trigger to use the term sustainably so much is in the fact that more and more is becoming known about how we exhaust the earth and so we have to adapt our behavior. The trigger for sustainable content has a less problematic reason, but is indeed disturbing for many large and small businesses. Two reasons:

  • The supply of content has risen explosively in recent years and that is only becoming more and more, while consumers can no longer consume. Simply because of lack of time and because more and more content consumption is now taking place on a very small smartphone screen, rather than on a large desktop. All this results in an abundance of content, which reduces the chances of reaching your audience. It is also the reason that social media channels like Facebook devise algorithms to create a relevant selection in that knit content for you. It is therefore more than ever a struggle for the attention of consumers. And the most decisive weapons for this are relevance and quality. You have to stand out and you do that by creating content that helps consumers.
  • The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Search, either artificial intelligence and voice searches. Big companies like Google (Home Max), Apple (HomePod) and Amazon (Echo) are busy with smart speakers, which should become indispensable in households. In many American living rooms they are already present and the final conquest of Europe and the Netherlands is imminent. You can talk to these smart speakers, but above all ask them things. Like 'How do I descale my Nespresso machine' or 'How do I write Mississippi?'. So people are going to get used to asking for help in a speech and getting answers to it.

What are the benefits of sustainable content?

You now know what sustainable content is and why it's there. But what exactly are the advantages? Very concrete: it provides your authority and lasting findability. When you create content that answers your audience's question perfectly, you're confident. And because you create content your audience needs, you not only deliver something today, but also tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in five years. While you don't have to do anything about it anymore.

  • Content you help your audience with
  • Make it once, permanently relevant
  • Makes you an authority
  • Increases your SEO value

What is the difference between sustainable and current content?

Sustainable content is permanently relevant and is getting more and more (SEO) value, while current content is becoming less and less relevant and has little (SEO) value. That does not mean that current content is bad. On the contrary, the perfect content strategy consists of a nice balance between sustainable and current content.

Examples of sustainable content

Sustainable content can be textual, visual and auditory. Below are some examples:

Getting started with sustainable content?!

Curious what sustainable content can mean for your company or organization? Trouble finding the balance between current and sustainable content? Or are you already doing well with sustainable content? Let us know. We are very curious!

Tom Nederend, Manager Digital Marketing at Buro N11