These are the design trends of the moment

Nothing is as changeable and trend-sensitive as the design world. Designer Mijke gives the 5 most notable trends in design. Today part 1!

Whether it's clothes, cars, furniture, photography or graphic design, it's different every time. And that's exactly what makes this profession so fascinating. What is striking is that we dare to take more risk in 2018. Think of bold concepts, striking and daring use of colour, thick and striking fonts, 3D typography, and artistic photography. Everything to stand out, jump out, and most importantly: to attract attention. Because that's pretty tricky in this digital age. There is so much to see…

Design trend #1: 3D typography

In 2018 we see more and more 3D typography. The main goal is to stand out. A company that always wants to stand out and overwhelm its audience is Nike. The designer of the photos below is Muokkaa alias Alejandro López Becerro, a Spanish designer.

Photos: Muokkaa

Design trend #2: Vibrant and clear gradients

Gradients, or color gradients, have been gone for a while. But they are back, in many different variants. We see above all the use of vibrant, remarkably bright colours combined with different structures.

Photos above: Rose Pilkington, bottom left & center: Magdiel Lopez, bottom right: unknown

Next week Mijke will be giving up 3 more design trends. Stay tuned!