New Managing Director and owner Buro N11

Online marketing agency Buro N11 from Bodegraven has acquired a new Managing Director and owner: immediately Erik Hardick has taken over the majority of the shares in the company founded by Henri Stolwijk. This will create a new chapter in the company's more than 28-year history.

For the approximately 40 employees, the acquisition has only positive consequences: Erik Hardick sees opportunities for further growth. "Buro N11 has a nice portfolio in the automotive sector in particular. However, Buro N11 is also increasingly being engaged by companies in other industries for, for example, the management of the online media or the construction of digital assets and the provision of the customer journey. There is still a lot of growth in the market in this respect."

The development of Buro N11

Stolwijk founded Buro N11 in 1991, after a journalistic career, among others on the editors of Dagblad Rijn and Gouwe, Algemeen Dagblad and Elseviers Weekblad. Initially, the company mainly supplied headlines to various media, alras engaged companies to provide texts for its own publications. After an own Studio was added to the service package, Buro N11 became a communications agency in the 1990s.

After the turn of the century, the company moved along with advancing digitisation and developed more and more services in that area. In the meantime, Buro N11 employs nearly 40 employees, including developers, content makers and web designers. The company advises and supports the clients in achieving the communication goals. In addition, Buro N11 maintains and operates a number of websites in-house, including and

About Erik Hardick

Hardick has earned his mark in the field of (digital) marketing, e-business and innovation at Reed Elsevier, Philips and Kramp. He was Director Marketing at Hyundai Nederland for three years before starting his own company in 2019. He immediately took over stolwijk's duties within Buro N11, but the founder remains involved as an advisor to a number of projects and clients.

For more information:
Erik Hardick
Managing Director
T: +31 88 003 67 03
M: +31 6 234 20 675