Google's new and great update algorithm: what does this mean?

Google has once again made a major update to the search engine algorithm. He is officially called 'March 2019 Core Update' and unofficial 'Florida 2'. It was previously thought that this would be one of the biggest updates of recent years, but does this also show from the first results?

Written by Robin Nieuwhof, SEO & Online Advertising specialist at Buro N11.

Florida 2 of March 2019 Core Update? First, let's name. In the 00's, Google conducted an update called Florida, as the update coincided with a major SEO conference in Florida. Even now, the Google update coincides with a conference in Florida, so Brett Tabke, founder of Pubcon and WebmasterWorld, decided to name the update Florida 2. That has become tradition by now. Still, Google 'just' uses its own name and so there are two names in circulation.

Why is Google updated? Google updates its algorithm once in a while. Especially since they are always looking to show the most relevant search results for users. The screenshots below give you a better picture of the problems Google encounters:

What exactly does the Florida 2 update mean?
Google has not (yet) said exactly what adjustments they made. Some major international SEO parties have now given an initial response to the update:

It's still early to give an initial response. At first, it seemed to be one of the biggest Google updates in years. But so far, it seems to be too bad. Presumably some updates of the past few months have been reversed.

Search results are not much more affected than other unannounced Google updates.

We also notice little of the update in organic search results. The impact seems to be easy, but we're watching it. For more up-to-date information about this update, please refer to: