Facebook and Instagram show how much time you spend on it

Dutch young people are increasingly experiencing social media as an addiction, the Central Statistical Office reported this spring. According to critics, this is due to the way social platforms are built up: they are made to keep scrolling for hours.

If it is – frappant enough – on Facebook and Instagram, it's a thing of the past from now on. With a new tool, users gain insight into the time they spend on social platforms. That time has been an average of the past 7 days, but you can also view the time – and therefore the peaks – per day. It even makes it possible to set a time limit, where Facebook or Instagram kindly reminds you that you're over your self-chosen time. Facebook also makes it easier to manage push notifications. For example, you can turn them off for a certain period of time.

The new tool is introduced distributed to all users worldwide. You'll find it with the Settings of both apps.