This is: Ilse de Vogel – administration

Our team consists of about 40 employees, so there's always something to tell. In the section 'This is' we interview a colleague about his or her work, but also about dreams, trends and what we have just wanted to know about it. This is Ilse de Vogel!

Hi Ilse! Who are you and what are you doing at Buro N11? I am Ilse de Vogel, 44 years old and have been working at Buro N11 for 20 years. I work on the administration.

What do you like about it? It's varied: I make quotations and invoices, do calculations, arrange the payroll and much more. And of course the nice colleagues!

What are you most proud of? That we as a company have a lot of loyal customers.

How do you keep up to date with what's going on in your field? We get newsletters regularly and I read it well.

What's the last book you've read? I just went on holiday to Turkey, where I've been lazing in the sun for a week and also read many books. I have an e-reader, so I throw it full of books and then I read what I feel like at that moment. That saves a lot of weight in the suitcase! Currently I read michelle obama's book "My Story."

About the photo: from where the sunglasses? I love the sun! I was born in Curaçao, which probably explains my love for the sun. And sunglasses also stand for vacations, something I love. I really live from vacation to vacation. So we're just back from Turkey and in the summer we're going to make a nice trip to the Southwest of America.

What three things are you happy about? My husband, my son Luuk and vacations.

What are you listening to in the car? Prince: he's really my great idol. I therefore find it terrible that he died three years ago, but fortunately he has made a lot of music that I can still enjoy.

What's your biggest dream? Of course my loved ones and I stay healthy. And half a year touring America with a motorhome seems really fantastic!

What question would you ask which colleague? Nile, will we (Feyenoord) be champions next year?