Who is your target group, where is the target group located, and how do we entice the target group to your website or webshop? And if we seduce them to your online landing site, how do we convert your visitors to a lead or sale?

(New Delhi) Analysis

We analyze the historical results in Google Analytics and Google Search Console and do a zero measurement. What goals are the currently set? Can we add additional goals to measure our marketing efforts? Are there marketing campaigns like Google Ads or Facebook Ads running right now? And what are the proceeds of this?

In addition to the (data) analysis, we can engage in the conversation with potential customers and employees. For example, we map (online) target group and investigate the main bottlenecks in the Customer Journey.


Based on the above analysis, we develop an online marketing strategy that suits your product or services and the target group together with you. We set clear goals, see which (online) channels fit and determine a monthly budget.

Make results measurable

By setting realistic goals and making them measurable in, for example, Google Analytics, we measure marketing effort and marketing investment. Of course this goes beyond just page views. The number of newsletter registration, PDF requests, sent forms but also the tracking of phone calls is possible. By agreeing together a value per goal achieved, we can easily analyse the marketing investment and results.


Minimum 1x per month we visit your company. We discuss our work, the results and present an optimization proposal. Of course, the latest trends and developments.

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