Use social media for more reach and interaction with your target group? Or just to generate more revenue? We look at target and target group and advise on which channels you can best be active on. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest; They don't know any secrets for us. We come up with and run. Ideal, right?

Social media content

Do you want to interact daily or weekly with your target group? But don’t you have enough content, do you want more structure for example by working with a content calendar or just want to leave social media to specialists? Buro N11 invites you to an introductory interview. We’ll talk to you about the latest social media developments, get access to your company’s target group, spar ring the main goals and help you with the strategy to achieve it.

Social Advertising

Social advertising still plays an important role in online marketing. The organic reach of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is increasingly being squeezed out. Do you want to keep reaching your target group, right? Then Social Advertising offers an outcome.

Ads allow you to show targeted content to your audience. You can compose your target group on location, gender, interest and age. We determine your goals in advance. Do you want more brand awareness? More traffic to the website or optimize on conversion? You decide your own budget. Advertising is possible for any budget.

Social Retargeting

With Social retargeting, after posting a pixel (code on your website), we can create target groups that have visited your website. To this audience we can show an ad. Do you just want to show your ads to the one who visited your shopping cart or contact page? Then we’ll adapt the target group to this.

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