Search engine advertising (SEA of Search Engine Advertising) is the paid counterpart to organic search results (SEO or Search Engine Optimization). The most famous search engine in the Netherlands is Google, but Bing is also becoming increasingly popular. Do you have a website or webshop and would you like more visitors and more leads or conversions? Then read on!

How does Google Ads work?

After each search, Google shows up to 4 ads at the top of the page. Among these ads are the organic (free) Results. The order of the top 4 ads is determined by the (auction) and the quality score of the advertisement. The quality score is a figure of 1 to 10 that Google assigns based on the keyword, the ad text, the CTR and landing page. The better it keyword, ad text, and landing page how to the higher the figure.

For the ad, you only pay if there is also actually clicked on this ad. The amount you have per click depends on the competition on this keyword. The amounts vary of 0.01 euros, for example, your own company name and can amount to more than 20 euros per click. Do you want an indication of the cost per click for your relevant keywords? Please contact us.

How does Buro N11 work?

Buro N11 always starts an introductory interview in which the website is viewed and the goals expectations are discussed. The website plays an essential role in the Adwords campaign and will be optimized first whenever possible before we start campaigning.

In determining the objectives, in consultation with the customer a value of the conversions. Based on the number of conversions X conversion value we calculate the RETURN On Investment (ROI). So You always know if it’s worth the investment.

Optimization Google Ads

After setting up the campaign, the weekly Optimization. Think of optimizing the landing page (conversion optimization), excluding keywords or adding retargeting Campaigns. Small optimizations we carry through immediately, larger optimizations we discuss in the monthly consultation that we plan with customers.

Google Partner

Buro N11 is Google Partner and has several Google-certified employees. This means that we meet the performance standard set by Google and our customer base.

Do you want to start a Google Ads campaign, optimize your current campaign or a second opinion? Please contact us for an introductory interview.

Are you going to advertise in Google for the first time? Then you get the first 75 euro gift!

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