A monthly newsletter? Send a press release to a large shipping list of journalists? Or send automated mails with a personal message. Buro N11 is home to all markets. From content & design to A/B tests and optimization. We have experience with Sendgrid, Copernica and Mailchimp.


A strategy of letting your control database, updating your email addresses to optimise the content, design and shipping times. Email marketing is more than the spreading your news items. What do you want to achieve with your newsletter, who if you want to achieve it, when can you achieve your target group best and how often you want to your target group will receive something? We like to think with you from content, (mobile) design and segmentation to reporting & optimization.

Design & Content

Do you want to stay in the picture of your weekly or monthly potential customers but are you missing from time or inspiration? Or do you want to would you like to go a step further with your Email Marketing? Our content makers and designers I’m happy to help you.

By optimizing the content on the Customer Journey and segmenting your email addresses, we can offer targeted content to the right audience. This allows you to reach a higher opening ratio and more conversions on your website.

Reporting & Optimization

A week after sending the mailings, the results are collected and analysed.  In addition to the analyses in Sendgrid, Copernica or Mailchimp, the results are viewed in Google Analytics. What goals have been achieved? And how can we optimize mailing next time? All results of the newsletters we send are collected in 1 benchmark survey. The insight into these results ensures that we can advise you to achieve an optimal result.

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