More visitors on your site? More conversion? A social media Strategy? Seo? Online advertising? Email marketing? Enable influencers?  Yes, Digital Marketing is – with distance – our fastest growing department. Data also plays a leading role in this; You can measure everything these days. Do that we too, but we stick to our years of experience. An ideal combination!

Social Media

Use social media for more reach and interaction with your target group? Or just to generate more revenue? We look at target and target group and advise on which channels you can best be active on. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest; They don't know any secrets for us. We come up with and run. Ideal, right?

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Email marketing

A monthly newsletter? Send a press release to a large shipping list of journalists? Or send automated mails with a personal message. Buro N11 is home to all markets. From content & design to A/B tests and optimization. We have experience with Sendgrid, Copernica and Mailchimp.

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Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising (SEA of Search Engine Advertising) is the paid counterpart to organic search results (SEO or Search Engine Optimization). The most famous search engine in the Netherlands is Google, but Bing is also becoming increasingly popular. Do you have a website or webshop and would you like more visitors and more leads or conversions? Then read on!

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Online Marketing Strategy

Who is your target group, where is the target group located, and how do we entice the target group to your website or webshop? And if we seduce them to your online landing site, how do we convert your visitors to a lead or sale?

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Vloggers, well-known Instagrammers or fashion bloggers: the influence influencers can have on your brand are great. Notice that impact with Yimb, a subventure of Buro N11 who is looking for the right influencers for you. This way they can tell your story enthusiastically and convincingly.

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