yes, we build websites. And webshops. Big, but also small. And we like to think along: preferably from strategy to optimization. And for that we have everything in the house, that's our strength.

Have WordPress create a website?

WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS). And we really like to work with it; it is user-friendly, clear and always in development. In addition to the many standard options and plug-ins, customization is also possible. With WordPress, for example, you can easily maintain a webshop. Want to have a WordPress website made? Leave your details in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.


For the development of various web applications we work with Laravel. Laravel is an Open Source PHP framework. Buro N11 has over 6 years of experience with this framework. This experience enables us to develop and maintain secure applications quickly and cost-efficiently.

Press portal

Sending out press releases is one, but where do you link? Right, a newsroom. The place journalists and other media are happy about, because here you collect all press releases, images, videos and other important information. They can download and use the content here for their own toko. We have already built many newsrooms for large (car) brands and like to do so for you.

Online Magazine

Of course: you can export a magazine as a PDF file and put it online. Or, one step further, use a browse module like Flipbook. However, the disadvantage of these forms is that the experience is not optimized for any device. And less interactive. We have already been able to digitize a lot, especially check out our portfolio!

Other requests? There is very much possible. Please contact us!

Cases Design & Development


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