Develop a complete corporate identity? New or renew, we really like to do it. From logos to font. We give your company a visual identity. First a short brainstorm, then our designers eagerly get to work. The result? A smile on your face.

Your corporate identity is created by the designers of N11 in a style manual. This can be done online behind a shielded environment website, but also printed in a dazzling website, but also printed in a dazzling bookwork. In the corporate identity manual you will find guidelines for the consistent apply your corporate identity. That's not just useful for creating a recognizable brand, it also ensures that printing companies know how to use your brand.

Mission and vision

What do you want to do as a company? What are the intentions and Ambitions? What the future looks like and how is your company going to achieve that? We will be happy to help you formulate a clear mission and vision, the first chapter of the corporate identity manual!


An important part of the corporate identity manual is about the logo. For example, are there multiple versions? Then we describe which version when used. Towards a new logo? Turn on Buro N11 for the design and development of a new logo. We like to leave this job to the creative minds that our company is rich. Do you need a restyle of a logo already used? Even then, you're at the right time with us. Address.


In the corporate style manual, of course, the colours of your company is not missing! Think of RGB and HEX colors for online use or CMYK and PANTONE colors for printing. On a computer screen, colors look different from when they are printed.


The appearance of your company is largely the fonts used by the fonts. In the corporate style manual we describe, among other things, what titles and headlines look like, what spacing, interlineation or control distance is used and which colors are used in it Hear.


The visual identity of your company is partly determined by the photos used. We also capture this in the corporate style manual! At Buro N11 we work with several top photographers shooting the most beautiful pictures.

Social Media

Of course, your company is also active on social media! In chapter of the corporate identity manual we describe which images there are the tone or voice, or, for example, how often there is messages.

Cases Design & Development


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