Have a mobile app or online application made? At Buro N11 we design and develop apps for smartphones, tablets or both! In addition, we use our best developers to build smart online modules!

Hybrid apps

When it is desired to develop an application for iOS and Android then the technical men of Buro N11 develop a hybrid App. For this we use the React Native framework, a developing one that is developed by Facebook and based on JavaScript. This allows all available functionalities of a smartphone or tablet can be used, the communicated with other apps and does not need platform-specific the app. Smart, isn’t it?

Web apps

It is not always necessary or desirable to app for a smartphone or tablet. For example, when there is no functionalities of a mobile device or when the data storage on the device is not necessary. In this case, a web app Suffice. At Buro N11, we make websites fully responsive, making it behaviour of the website adapts to the device with which the site visited become the one. In this way, a website looks fantastic on a smartphone! In addition, you can manage this web app in the same way as a website!

Online applications

In addition to apps, we also develop all kinds of smart and secure online applications. Whether it’s a tool based on your date of birth shows your new retirement age or an order tool that is of an API real-time product information. At Buro N11 we like to think with you. The possibilities are endless!

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