Marketing Automation means automized information (in many cases e-mail) to users who are likely to be interested in this. This trigger/reason may consist of filling out a contact form on a website or opening or not opening an email.

You know that? You downloaded a white paper and your email address and 2 or 3 days later you will receive an e-mail with a Offer. Or you bought something in a webshop and your date of birth Left. You will now automatically receive a coupon on your birthday. These emails are sent fully automated and can even be followed by multiple e-mails. Depending on your comment (open the mail, click on a link etc) you will be placed in a salesfunnel consisting of multiple e-mails.

With Marketing Automation, you keep in the picture with your (potential) customer, you'll get more leads and it increases your ROI. Do you want to start marketing automation? Or would you like to spar over a sales funnel? Make a free appointment with our specialists!

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