With Google Analytics we measure the results on your website. How many visitors do your website have? Where do these visitors come from? And what conversions will take place on your website. You've spent a lot of money on a new website and/or marketing activities, but what do this effort actually make?

We help you with the correct implementation of the Google Analytics pixel, align with your goals and set them up in Google Analytics. We give advice on using UTM codes to link traffic to your website specific campaigns and if desired, we will provide you with you weekly or monthly of a report with specific improvement points.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Do you want to draw the right conclusions from the data? Then a Google Analytics Consultancy offers the solution. We look together with you to the implementation, give a tour of the dashboard and go in specific questions. Together we analyse the data and come to concrete Improvement.

Did you know that a misplaced/double Google Analytics code can cause page views to be counted twice? And that this provides a lower bounce rate?

Google Analytics Spam

Have you already set up spam filters in your Google Analytics? Many websites have “trouble” automatic scripts (bots). In some cases are about bots with good intention, think of Google that pages. But unfortunately there are also bots with negative intentions, scrapers that copy your content. These bots cause incorrect results in Google Analytics. In order to exclude it, we use Spam filters. In this way, we ensure that our customers have the right results received and analysed.

Our employees are Google Analytics certified and are happy to help you move on.

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