Conversion optimization, we didn't do that 10 years ago. Now as much as possible. So much data is available, but so little is being done with it... We monitor, investigate and optimize; a 3-stage rocket that works perfectly. Why do visitors drop out? What color button ensures the highest conversion? We'll figure it out!


For monitoring, we work with Google Analytics and Hotjar. We follow the users, view the bounce rate, draw up a sales funnel and see where users drop out. Is it the speed of the page? Does the form contain too many fields? Can we user with customer reviews? Or should not red the conversion button but blue?

A/B test

Based on the data from Google Analytics and Hotjar and an analysis of the relevant pages, we start a A/B test. For this we work with Visual Website optimizer. How long the A/B test depends on the visitor numbers on the relevant pages. Do we have a clear winner after this period? Then we will carry out the winning combination on the website. And the monitoring, investigations and optimize from the outset.

Cases Data Driven Marketing


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