Data Driven Marketing is the newest department of Buro N11. Although, what's new if you've been working on it for years. Setting goals, measuring whether you achieve those goals and experiment whether it can be even better; that's what we with Data Driven Marketing. Our data specialists prefer to make one clear dashboard, on which you can see at a glance how to state.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics we measure the results on your website. How many visitors do your website have? Where do these visitors come from? And what conversions will take place on your website. You've spent a lot of money on a new website and/or marketing activities, but what do this effort actually make?

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation means automized information (in many cases e-mail) to users who are likely to be interested in this. This trigger/reason may consist of filling out a contact form on a website or opening or not opening an email.

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Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization, we didn't do that 10 years ago. Now as much as possible. So much data is available, but so little is being done with it... We monitor, investigate and optimize; a 3-stage rocket that works perfectly. Why do visitors drop out? What color button ensures the highest conversion? We'll figure it out!

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Customer Journey

Customers (prospects) have contact with the brand in different ways and at different times. Clearly mapping the successive interactions is essential to optimize the information and sales process. That's Customer Journey Mapping.

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You have a website, invest in online marketing and get a lot of traffic to your website. But what do you actually achieve with your investment? By collecting all data in a clear real-time dashboard, in which your main goals (or KPIs) become directly visible, you get a good picture of the Return On Investment.

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