Search engine optimization (SEO) stands for Search Engine Optimization. These are Google's free results, for the results paid you can find more information on our Google Ads page. SEO is more than just optimized texts on your website. Some factors that affect the ranking are the speed, structure and responsive design. But also getting authority has a big role in SEO. Do you have a website but do you hardly receive a visit from Google? Or do you want to create a website that is directly optimized for Google? We are happy to help you further!

Optimized texts

On the one hand, SEO consists of optimized texts/content marketing in which a keyword search is done in advance. The keywords are incorporated into the title (h1), intermediate cups (h2), in the content and the meta description. In WordPress, the most used CMS in the Netherlands, Yoast SEO is often used for this. Of course we can help you do this, but for this part we would like to refer you to the content marketing page.

Technical SEO

To get the optimized texts on Google’s 1st page, we need to go one step further. The technique of the website, the speed, structure, internal links and the external links (linkbuilding) also determine the final ranking of the website. Of course, competition is also an important role here. On your company name you will always score well, but to score on the keyword “search engine optimization” is much more competition.

How do we determine which keywords we’re going to optimize?

In many cases, SEA is combined with SEO. By starting a Google Adwords campaign, you can see which keywords convert well in a short period of time. If we see that a lot of conversion is achieved, we can create a landing page optimized on this search term.

A number 1 position in Google is about 30% CTR, position 5 approximately for 5%. Based on the earlier started Adwords campaign we also know the total search volume on this keyword and we have an indication of the conversion rate. We can now calculate what a number 5 position would deliver us monthly to leads.

Would you like more information about the possibilities for your website or webshop? Or are you curious about our results achieved? We would like to invite you to a free introductory interview where we immediately provide you with some SEO tips!

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