4 creative designer Mijke design tips

A new year and a new season. Our Creative Designer Mijke has already spotted some trends that she likes to translate into beautiful designs, for print or online. Read it in her design blog!

Yes, yes! It's allowed to be thick and fat again in 2019! Saturated, striking colors and bold typography. We saw mostly vibrant colours in 2018, in 2019 this TREND will only increase. Colors will get even more intense and fonts even thicker. So you dare to stand out! Stand out! It's possible and it's okay. So let's go!


In 2018, we saw that designers mainly used striking colours, in 2019 we will see it much more and the trend will only increase. Colors will become even more lively and more eloquent. With the big brands we also see this trend. In this way, they attract the attention of consumers. Take a look at Apple that this year these vibrant colors make these vibrant colors part of their core ad and brand strategy. Moreover, these colors and fantastic suit their screens and ultra HD devices. And if Apple does something, many brands will follow, such as Spotify. Bright, vibrant colors have found their way into their marketing material. So if you want to stand out as a company; dare with color!


Designers need to be 'real' again. Back to your sketchbook; so more freestyle doodles, color surfaces, collages, unique brush strokes and organic structures. We, designers, need to get away from grid-based layouts and look for more asymmetric designs. Merging ideas from a wide and diverse range can have an amazing and surprising outcome. So dare to release the grid and work from your feelings. The outcome will certainly be surprising and make your design even stronger.

#3 TYPO: BIG. Bold. Better

Typography is starting to grow bigger and more brutal. 2019 is the year of great, bigger … Greatest! The best combination is, if you use a large font, minimalism. As a result, the whole remains readable and that is ultimately what you want. The advantage of bold letters is that it reads easily on social media and mobile devices. In addition, you radiate strength, innovation and individuality. This year, a bold letter will be the main focus in many graphic images. Never underestimate the power of a bold letter!


Then of course the color of 2019 according to Pantone: Living Coral. This color is an energetic combination of orange and pink with a golden undertone. In short; an explosion of emotions! We can see this colour in all design areas: graphic, interior, fashion, packaging, etc. To determine the color, Pantone looks at films, art collections, social media, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Still doubt the color of your corporate style… no longer doubt. Living Coral it is!