Crochet calendar 2020: download for free

Hook-up calendar 2020 full of special days

Buro N11’s 2020 hook-up calendar is full of special days. Think of King’s Day, Easter and Ascension Day. But above all: Pancake Day, Left-handed day and Caps Lock Day. For example, you have a perfect overview of the special days in 2020 you can play in; a good basis for every content plan. And most beautiful: the Buro N11 Hook-up calendar 2020 you can download for free below!

4 reasons to download buro N11’s 2020 hook-up calendar

  • Overview of more than 100 possible hook-up moments in 2020
  • Never miss a special day again
  • Ideal basis for your content plan
  • It’s free

Download him soon!

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