Visibility on Google for moving company

Using paid text ads, Buro N11 generates conversions for KHZ Movers. This Online Marketing form is called fully Search Engine Advertising (SEA). The advantage of paid ads is that you generate direct visibility on Google on keywords that are widely used by the audience.

Buro N11 manages the ad account and adjusts where necessary. On the basis of monthly reports, the customer is advised to turn left or right. But continuing the path is of course also an option. At Buro N11, the traffic light is always green. So the train just rumbles on. Regardless of the day, the month or the season.

Help the visitor in his online search

But not just that. Website usability also passes the review. How do we turn higher visitor figures into more conversion? An important question we brainstorm with the customer about. For example, this can lead to shorter contact forms and more leads.


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