Video and animation productions

VIDEO: Hanna Verboom makes the world a little more beautiful

Actress and presenter Hanna Verboom we know among others. of It Takes 2, the popular singing competition at RTL4 in which she competes against BN’ers such as Ruben Nicolai, Gijs Staverman and Tooske Ragas. But Hanna Verboom does more than just singing and acting. In this way, it is also committed to a more sustainable world. How? Watch the video.

Priority of clean mobility

Like Hanna Verboom, Hyundai is committed to a sustainable world. By 2020 we want to be one of the leading green car manufacturers. That’s why Hyundai gives full priority to clean mobility. The IONIQ Electric plays a leading role in Hyundai’s mission. This fully electric car brings driving a car without CO2 emissions for many people a lot closer. Curious if electric driving is also what’s for you?

Video production by Buro N11

Buro N11 devised the script and provided the entire production.

ANIMATION: tell your story via an animation

In addition to video productions, Buro N11 also provides animation productions. What illustrative style suits your company, product or service?

Making an animation may seem simple. Make no mistake: it’s a labor intensive but also very fun process. It works as follows: after an intake we make a film script and a storyboard. As soon as there is an agreement on the script and storyboard, we’re going to animate. In addition, we provide the animation with sound, royalty-free music and a voiceover. After that, we deliver the original as .mov and as YouTube so it can be easily processed on your website. Interested?


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