Online Magazine for Nissan BeNeLux

Nissan Now is the new online magazine of Nissan Benelux. Lots of interaction, a lot of experience, lots of Nissan. The image inspires, the text informs.

Nissan Now has a clear added value within Nissan’s existing digital media strategy and fits seamlessly with the other communication channels. The photography is full screen, pages feature background videos and animations. And that, of course, all in Nissan style.

Fully responsive: anytime, anywhere

By making the magazine suitable for both desktop, tablet and mobile, the magazine can be read when it comes out to the reader.


In this edition we will cross through the woods with the JUKE NISMO RS by Martin, we make a lightning visit to the world city of Hamburg and shows rider Rens what is so special about his Bluebird T12. In addition, there are several tips & tricks. For example, about cool festivals and exhibitions that you can visit this summer, but you can also read how to arrive at your holiday destination as equipped as possible.

Why an interactive magazine?

Of course: you can export a magazine as a PDF file and put it online. Or, one step further, use a browse module like Flipbook. However, the disadvantage of these forms is that the experience is not optimized for any device. That’s why we chose to turn Nissan Now into a fully responsive online magazine.

Compare PDF & Flipbook versus reponsive magazine


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