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We have resuscitated to one of the largest car news sites in the Netherlands. With an average of 250,000 page views per month and outliers up to 500,000 page views. Everything you see comes from our hand; our (car) editors make different items daily. In addition, it is our own online marketing trial garden.

Generate optimization and more visit via social media

When we started, the site scored some 30,000 page views per month. In a few months we've been able to increase that tenfold. How? Through an active online marketing strategy, in which Facebook is the most important driver. With a fanbase of 16,000+ followers, the messages regularly go viral. We are also active on Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The number of visitors we get organically grows almost every day because of our efforts. We write items like Google wants it, made a wiki and its own auto database.


Other major drivers are the monthly (80,000 members) and weekly (1,500) newsletter. The latter is fully automated and we have created ourselves. This AutoRAI Weekly sends the 5 most popular items of the week every Friday at 3 pm. Useful for repeat visit!


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