Have explanation spr made?

Have your product or service easily explained. In addition to video productions, Buro N11 also provides animation productions. What illustrative style suits your company, product or service? We make explanation animations of about 75 seconds in which your product, concept or internal policy is explained super clearly.

An animation for the RAI association: the new WLTP scheme

For the RAI Association we made an explanation animation explaining the transition from the NEDC scheme to the WLTP scheme. With crisp illustrations in its own visual style, a clear well-known voice-over voice and strong sound design. It’s so convenient because the issue of emissions could use a positive boost in the car industry after the ‘dieselgate’.

Making an animation may seem simple. Make no mistake: it’s a labor intensive but also very fun process. It works as follows: after an intake we make a film script and a storyboard. As soon as there is an agreement on the script and storyboard, we’re going to animate. In addition, we provide the animation with sound, royalty-free music and a voiceover. After that, we deliver the original as .mov and as YouTube so it can be easily processed on your website. Interested? Contact us.


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