Buro N11 Official Google Partner

We've been in possession of a Google Partner badge since this week. This means that Buro N11 will now have access to exclusive events, trainings, courses and support from Google. And we're very happy with that!

To become an official Google Partner, a company must meet a number of search, shopping, display, mobile and video requirements. For example, Buro N11 has met google ads' spending threshold over the past three months and there is demonstrable growth in customer results. All of our Google Ads customers have achieved at least 50 percent more leads in the last six months, at the same cost. Another requirement is that employees within the company are certified for Google Advertising.

Are you curious about the advertising possibilities for your website? Or do you want to take a look at your current Google Ads campaign? Then come by for a cup of coffee and one of our Google experts will catch up.