Active writing: a world of difference

Long-term sentences, there's no one waiting for that. Active writing is the key to success. In this article, our Content specialist Bart explains how to do that. If you read this, passive writing is passé!

In the online world everyone is in a hurry. People snack news, like to watch videos and photos and have little patience for reading longer texts, except if the person really finds floor about something he or she wants to know more about. For example, a review of a smartphone or how a new car likes it in practice.

That can be shorter!

Text short or text long, no one is waiting for passive sentences at all. A passive sentence, what is that? Very simple: an inactive sentence. A typical example of such a passive sentence is the following: 'the results will be announced on 30 April'. That can be shorter! Just look, "on April 30th, we announce the results." And ready. Sentences like 'today the messages will be done' must be a real past from now on. Write "today we're doing the groceries" and you're done.

Better for everyone

Active writing is therefore of great importance to keep a text readable. You need fewer words to convey a message. So be critical of your texts, scrap passive parts out where necessary and switch to active sentences. You're going to like it too, because better texts make everyone better. But it starts with you.