A good advertorial according to our content manager Wouter

If I'm asked to write an advertorial, I'm always going to sit down well for that. Or I'll make sure a colleague does. Because you don't just write a good advertorial. And the last thing you want is a quick ad text. So: what is an advertorial anyway?

The most important thing is that the reader doesn't have the idea that he or she is reading an ad, even though an advertorial is a form of advertising. The text should be in the editorial content you find elsewhere on the site or in the magazine. When the advertorial starts with 'Many models quickly available and with extra advantage. Take advantage now!' (really seen), I drop out. Obviously an ad.

How do you pack an ad as an advertorial? 5 tips:

1. Leave a user the word

As far as I'm concerned, you're making up one. As long as they're credible and realistic quotes. Your product is more credible when a user tells about it. Positive, of course, but that goes without saying.

2. Give a practice example

For example, do not write about the car itself, but about the circumstances under which that car is fully correct. Situations that are recognizable to the reader. I call the weekly groceries or a weekend of golfing (plenty of luggage space).

3. Don't exaggerate

To stay with the car, terms like 'a dazzling design', 'superior driving characteristics' and 'an impeccable finish' do not belong in an advertorial. So keep it in fact.

4. Move in to the reader

Always works with me. In fact, I'm not starting to write before I move inhis or her shoes. If you realize that the advertorial is actually a normal ad, the reader will undoubtedly have that.

5. Think of call-to-action (CTA)

I always call it "the cup of coffee." Ever heard and I like it. At the end of your story, you want to offer the reader something. So he or she's going to do something. For example, discount on the product so that purchase is passed. Or convince the reader to subscribe to the newsletter.

You see it. There are quite a few hooks and eyes writing a good advertorial. You have to sit down well for that. Is the advertorial posted online? Then check out this short video from Google.

Set your sights on a good advertorial? We're happy to help you! Mail to verbinden@n11.nl or come and visit for a cup of coffee.