5 x where you get inspiration for (sustainable) content

We've already taught you what sustainable content is, but we're getting more and more questions about where you can get ideas and inspiration for sustainable content. Well, exactly what we do with this article: listen to the questions you get from customers, for example, and make written, auditory or video content written about it. We'll give you 5 tips where you can 'listen' for inspiration.

Written by Tom Nederend, Manager Digital Marketing at Buro N11.

  1. Customer service

Customer service is ideally suited to get inspiration for sustainable content. Because that is the place where customers come up with concrete questions that they apparently cannot find the answer themselves (or fast enough). If you often get the question as a car brand 'how do I link my iPhone X to my new Nissan Micra?' – that's a wonderful reason to make content about it. Such a production helps customers, is permanently relevant and saves you and the customer time and energy.

  1. Site Search

Many websites have an internal search function. Did you know you can see what people are typing in there? No? Then see below how you find out, because it's full of inspiration for sustainable content. What people type in there can't find them (fast enough). Site Search not yet set up in Google Analytics? Do it quickly!

  1. Google Search Console

In the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), you can find what keywords people come to your website with. That feature is missing from Google Analytics, there's almost everything on '(not provided)'. Google Search Console not yet activated? You'll do that!

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Another useful tool: the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This allows you to find the search volume of any keyword or keyword combination that you can think of. So: how often people google them. And whether the competition is high or low (+ how much it would cost to advertise on it). You can also let Google make relevant suggestions based on a keyword. And see there: enough new ideas to make sustainable content in a smart way!

  1. Ask your customers and listen!

Almost old-fashioned between all these 'smart' tricks: simply ask your customers what they run into. This can be done via an (online) survey, but just as well in a conversation at the checkout, showroom, telephone or anywhere. Ears open and listen carefully, that still remains worth gold.

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