5 tips to get everything from Instagram Stories

The possibilities of Instagram Stories are endless. With the magic number of 10,000 followers, you can use a Swipe up and link to your website. Isn't 10,000 followers (long) at your fingertips? No problem: with these 5 tips, you also use Instagram Stories handy.

1. Get interaction

Instagram Stories are a perfect way to interact with your audience. Answer questions in a Q&A, ask for your audience's opinion in a poll of emoji slider and go live. Going live can be during an event or unveiling, but is also a nice way for a Q&A with moving image.

2. Make it visually attractive

The use of Stories grows explosively, so make sure you stand out and be recognizable. This can be done by making your Stories visually attractive and recognizable: use the same font, same colour schemes as much as possible, and the same composition. A real corporate identity for your Stories, let's just say. You can also create Stories templates (e.g. in Canva, a very useful design tool) and place everything in it. Recognition guaranteed!

3. Keep a clear separation between feed & Stories

The difference between your feed and your Stories? That's up to you to determine, but often there's a little more room for humor in Stories. Provide your story of a crazy poison or a word joke: humor is the magic word. Stories are perfect for everything you want to share at that time, but don't have to be in your feed forever.

4. Create Instagram Stories highlights

Instagram Stories disappear from the news feed after 24 hours, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're completely gone. You can highlight them so they get to the top of your profile. Divide your Stories into different categories, create a beautiful cover photo (for example in Canva) with a clear icon and give Stories a spot here. You can't see after 24 hours what exactly she's been looking at.

5. Use the Countdown sticker

Do you soon have an important event, such as the launch of your book or the unveiling of a new model car? Then use the Countdown sticker to count down to the moment together with your followers. Your followers can subscribe to your countdown, which sends them a reminder as soon as time is over. This new feature has now been rolled out throughout the Netherlands, so take advantage of it!