5 Instagram features you probably didn't know yet

Instagram: the fastest growing social platform in the Netherlands. It's time to take the app, which allows you to edit and share a lot more alongside photos, seriously. Our social expert Ilse helps you get started with 5 features that you probably hadn't heard of before.

1. Layout

Layout is an app from Instagram itself, which allows you to create a collage of up to 9 images. From the movie roll of your phone or tablet, choose photos that then create Layout yourself a collage. Nice perk is the Photo Booth feature, which allows you to quickly take multiple photos that then also appear in a collage.

2. Hyperlapse

This is an Instagram app that makes timelapse videos. Cool!

3. IPM rate

This term stands for interactions per mille and is the calculation formula with which you calculate commitment to Instagram. How? With IPM, you count the number of likes and comments from your Instagram content of the last 30 days and share it by the number of followers. With a score of 20, you're good. Calculate the IPM from your Instagram account here.

4. Hootsuite

Planning and monitoring your posts is easy with Hootsuite, the first tool to make this possible. You even easily manage and monitor multiple social media channels at once.

5. Instagram Pods

Instagram Pods are groups of accounts that support each other by turning on notifications as soon as there are new posts, so you can like and react as quickly as possible. A high like and reaction ratio ensures that you get higher in Instagram's algorithm. Do you want to form a Pod yourself? Then proceed as follows:

– Choose a group of up to 15 people you want to form a Pod and tell them in a group post on Instagram- Let
everyone turn on their notifications for the other Pod members. Once one of you posts a photo, the group can act directly with likes and comments – Make su
re your response to a photo consists of more than 4 words and does not contain generic phrases – Instagram doesn't fall for that.

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